Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frankly Mr Shankly, 'Hardcore...' is rubbish


It’s not that these songs are bad; it’s just that they are too jarring to listen to. When you attempt to deconstruct the fundamental aspects of post-rock you absolutely destroy the genre. Without its long compositions, effect-laden instrumentation and beautifully emotional stimulation, post-rock is nothing but a shell of its former self.

This doesn't sound like a bad thing to me?

Links to further reviews, both good and bad, appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Michigan Life give them a bad review. I think they can live with that......

Hans M. said...

The guy did not get it all. I got dizzy reading "post-rock" over and over again. His argument is vague and even based on an assumption that Mogwai were trying to "deconstruct" said genre label. He never backs that up, hence the vagueness of his argument. Dude just did not listen to it right. My website has a real review on it, and I have been reviewing Mogwai for actual publication for more than 10 years.