Friday, January 21, 2011

Live update


We played our whole new album from start to finish at rehearsal today. A feat that deserves at the very least some biscuits. Or medals.

Presumably this means Mogwai are intending to play the entire album live this year, breaking further new ground - every Mogwai studio album includes tracks that were never played live at the time of release. The only studio album performed live in its entirety to date is Mogwai Young Team, at two shows in 2008.

Luke Sutherland is to join the band for their forthcoming tour dates, presumably reprising his previous appearances with the band on violin and guitar.

And finally, a reminder that Stuart plays one of his rare solo shows at the Shhh... Festival in London tomorrow (Saturday 22nd Jan). Stuart's scheduled for a 30 minute set from 8.30pm

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