Saturday, January 22, 2011

Competition time again

'The Silence', the book collecting all 21 paintings from Rik Rawling's Project Mogwai, was published in September 2010.

Rik has kindly given me a copy of the book to use as a competition prize.

In the absence of any flash of creative inspiration, the competition is a reprise of two previous poster giveaways.

Mogwai's Scottish tour starts with a sold-out show in Stirling on Wednesday (26th January).

*Name five songs you think will feature in Mogwai's set in Stirling.
*Tiebreaker - name the opening song.

Lists to by 5pm (UK) on Wednesday 26th January. I reserve the right to bring the deadline forward, or change the competition, if the setlist becomes obvious before Wednesday for whatever reason.

Bearing in mind what happened last time, please don't expect an immediate conclusion to the fun (for new readers, the last competition ended up rumbling on through two weeks of shows before a winner emerged).

Rik's recently started work on a second set of Mogwai-influenced paintings:
as well as his Mogwai sleeve art 'remixes':

Update: competition closed, thanks to those who've entered.

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