Monday, November 8, 2010

Errors 'Celebrity Come Down With Me' 12"

Errors remix 12" ‘Celebrity Come Down With Me’ gets a full release next Monday (15th November). The 12″ includes remixes from the likes of Mogwai, Gold Panda, The Field to name a few, and was previously available at recent shows.

The digital version includes an extra bonus remix from The Twilight Sad.

‘Germany’ (Wax Stag)
‘Sorry About Mess’ (Dam Mantle)
‘Beards’ (Moon Unit)
‘Bridge or Cloud’ (The Field)
‘Jolomo’ (Ceephax Acid Crew)
‘A Rumour In Africa’ (Gold Panda)
‘Supertribe’ (Mogwai)

Pre-order here:

Rock Action

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