Monday, July 20, 2009

Field Day - 1st August

Less than two weeks before Mogwai's only English summer festival show of 2009.

Field Day
Victoria Park,
Hackney London, E9

Saturday 1st August 2009
11.30am - 10.30pm

Mogwai are scheduled for a 90 min headline set.

There's some other folks playing too, amongst them Errors and Malcolm Middleton. Check the Field Day website for a full list.

Reports from Madstock, which took place in Victoria Park last weekend, suggest that the sound and organisation issues which dogged the last two Field Day events should have been sorted.

Get your tickets booked - you KNOW it makes sense. What could be more fun than being down the front after a few beers, singing along to 'Mogwai Fear Satan'? Or pulling some crazy shapes to the dance-tastic '2 Rights Make 1 Wrong'?

If you've contributed to Brightlight in the past, and you're attending this event, please get in touch (unless you've already done so by PM on the forum). And by 'get in touch', I don't mean leave an anonymous comment. There's an email address over there somewhere >>>>>>>>>

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