Friday, October 10, 2008


"Presumptious I may be, but I thought you might be interested in some Mogwai-related posts I added to my blog recently:

is me predicting future Mogwai song titles via vintage Penguin paperbacks

is me redesigning almost the entire Mogwai back-catalogue in the style of Penguin paperbacks

is my original redesign of the 'Friend of the Night' cover.

is the first in a series of paintings I'm doing based on Mogwai song titles. More will follow, including 'Like Herod', 'You Don't Know Jesus', and 'Stop Coming To My House'. I'm planning to have completed a dozen by Xmas, with the plan to publish them as a 'book' early in the New Year - though the last part is dependent upon £££. Anyone wanting to buy the originals can do so via the site."
thanks rik. did ep+6 really come out on Tuff Gong?

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Anonymous said...

I really dig your "I know you are but what am I" painting, it sort of fits the atmosphere quite right ! Great work you're doing on this website, thank you.