Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strasbourg tonight

Comment from a very regular Brightlight correspondent:

Back from Strasbourg. I had to leave early (about 1 hour into
Mogwai's set during "Lionel Richie") after I had realized that I was
actually losing consciousness.

The show had sold out in advance and - from my point of view - the
actual capacity of the venue was exceeded by at least 200-250 people.
People on the pit were packed like sardines in a can and, after a
while, there was no fresh air to breathe anymore. It only took about 5
minutes until the first person, a woman standing to my left, started
hyperventilating and had to leave the venue.

Probably my last show ever at the Laiterie...

Update: Other reports from this show have been generally positive apart from the crowd congestion. 'We're No Here' was played for the first time this year as the last song of the encore.

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Anonymous said...

Was right near the front, to the right of the stage, had plenty of room. It was hot in there yes, ventilation was pretty bad but had no trouble moving about. Not sure whereabouts Raphael was but I did see a couple of people pass out to my left, near the centre.