Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mogwai 'unreleased songs'

The CD pictured above sold on ebay last month. Anyone know whether it's genuine? The tracks date from around Rock Action, and the Mogwai logo printed on the disc is of the same era, as are the contact details.

The buyer tells me there's actually seven tracks on the disc rather than the five listed. I wonder what they are? Maybe a couple of them are the other two tracks from the Travels In Constants ep (Untitled and Arundel)? Stuart has regularly mentioned in interviews that Mogwai recorded numerous so-far-unreleased tracks during the Rock Action recording sessions in 2000. Intriguing.

A false alarm, sadly. Tracklist:

1. Close Encounters
2. Close Encounters (same version as track 1)
3. D To E
4. Drum Machine
5. Untitled (Japanese version of Rock Action)
6. Quiet Stereo Dee
7. Untitled (Travels In Constants EP)

All previously released back in 2001.


Anonymous said...

Why not call Colin and ask what songs are on the cd? ;) S

alexisvas said...

Untitled (Japanese version of Rock Action)

Isnt it Close Encounters? And if yes then the same cd has the same song 3 times? What on earth??

Rob said...

Untitled (from the Japanese version of Rock Action) is an alternate take on 'D To E'