Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mogwai vs Alan Moore?

Back in September on, Stuart wrote:

We're making some music for a spoken word record by my favourite comic writer of all time.

A recent interview with Tom Brown [Lex Records] says:
Provisionally titled Unearthing, it’s the first audiobook by Alan Moore, Britain’s best-known comics writer. But instead of the usual illustrations, it will feature staged photographs from Hollywood snapper Mitch Jenkins and a specially recorded soundtrack from Adam Drucker (better known as Doseone of leftfield rappers cLOUDDEAD) and Andy Broder of Fog.

Moore is notoriously uncompromising. He disowned the film versions of his comic books Watchmen and V for Vendetta and has been loath to involve himself in projects over which he doesn’t have complete control. But, despite (or even because of) the end result sounding “somewhere between jazz and metal, which sounds disgusting, but is actually really good”, Brown says Moore and Jenkins are “incredibly enthusiastic. We didn’t know if they’d get it at all. I’ve no idea what music Alan likes. The only band that have been mentioned so far are The Cult.”

Still only in demo stage, the project has mushroomed and in its final form will most likely include cameos from Mogwai, Justin Broadrick (of Jesu, and ex-Napalm Death), Zach Hill from Hella and Mike Patton, the Faith No More frontman-turned-art-rock Zelig, with Moore himself providing the spoken parts. “It’s really ambitious, over two hours long,” says Brown. “I wanted to have something like the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood [by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood]. It’s not a little object, it’s a big thing.” The final hurdle is deciding how to package it. The end product is equal parts Moore, Jenkins, Fog and Doseone, suggesting a release across multiple formats.
Thanks Mark.

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