Friday, September 25, 2009

Invada Invasion - ebay auction


Invada Invasion eBay Auction
Malawi Education Project has teamed up with the crew behind this Saturdays Invada Invasion at the Colston Hall, Bristol, to host one of the most enviable online music auctions Ebay has ever seen, with all money raised going directly to the charity. The auction goes live at midnight on Saturday 26th during the event, and has prizes donated from every act performing, as well as exclusive signed box sets from Portishead, as well as Geoff Barrows new band, BEAK>...

Some of the prizes included in the auction are;

* A Big Muff Pi effects pedal, owned and (ab)used by members of Mogwai. The pedal has been signed by all members of Mogwai.

* A copy of Portisheads 'Third' album box set. This includes the double 12" album, a 7" copy of debut single Machine Gun, a 'P' USB containing the entire album in digital format, as well as footage by John Minton, director of the 'Machine Gun' video. There is also a print from Nick Uffs video for 'We Carry On'. The box set has been signed by all of Portishead.

* There will be signed merchandise from every act performing at the Invada Invasion event, including Fuck Buttons, Zu, Gonga, Team Brick, Joe Volk, Crippled Black Phoenix, Thought Forms and many more.

* Julian Cope, the legendary musician, author, antiquary, musicologist, poet and good friend of Invada, has been kind enough to donate some signed albums for your listening pleasure.

* As a special bonus, Geoff Barrow has donated a limited edition box set from his new band BEAK>. This Box will include the full length CD album, presented in a dvd style case with a bonus CD /EP disc of 4 new tracks NOT featured on the album. As well as this there will be a 12" Vinyl EP with another 2 tracks also not featured on the album. There is also a BEAK> T shirt, and badge included. The box set will be signed by all members of BEAK>.

We would like to give a massive thanks to Geoff Barrow, Fat Paul, Redg, Mogwai and Portishead and all the bands who have generously donated prizes to this auction.

Please Note:

The Auction will be going live at midnight on Saturday 26th, so check back to this website on Sunday 27th for links to the URLs on Ebay

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