Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soulsavers remix update

Thanks to Graham for his comments following our earlier report on Mogwai's remix of the Soulsavers track 'Death Bells'

To recap - it was suggested that the remix might appear on the bonus CD accompanying Soulsavers 'Broken' album when purchased from Rough Trade.

Just skimmed through the bonus cd (irritatingly one 32 minute track and no track listing) - sounds like remixes by Soulsavers, not the other way around. So no sign of the Mogwai mix.

Enquiry to Rough Trade shop got this response - "All I know is that it's a mix from a radio show they did. Sorry I can't be more help". Still a great sounding album though.
Maybe there are no plans for the track to be released beyond the free download?

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