Sunday, March 29, 2009

Katrien, live in Chicago 15th October 1997

Last year's 'Mogwai Young Team (Deluxe Edition)' included a live recording of Katrien on the 'Appendix' bonus disc. Whilst it's unquestionably a great version of the track, the recording used was sourced from and there were a number of issues with the sound quality.

The first in what will hopefully be an occasional series of exclusive free downloads, Brightlight is pleased to be able to offer up the same recording, but this time sourced from the master DAT and dropout-free.

Katrien [mp3, 192k, 8MB]
Recorded by Aadam Jacobs at Lounge Ax, Chicago, 15th October 1997.

Thanks Aadam, Stuart and Stewart.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet thanks guys! I've always loved this tune.