Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dublin 4, Celtic Underground 1

Last night's Mogwai show in Dublin included the first performances of 'Killing All The Flies' and 'My Father My King' since 12th November 2006, and the first performances of 'Travel Is Dangerous' and 'Small Chidren In The Background' since 2007.

The Celticunderground Podcast 39
Celtic Underground
This week Eddie Pearson is joined by Dianogah from KDS and Martin, John and Stuart from Mogwai. They attempt to talk over the women at the table next to them and the jazz band that started later on in the night as they discuss the cup final, following Celtic whilst an international rock and roll (or is it pop? And what the heck is Math rock anyway?) superstar and how difficult it is to avoid saying the word "hun" mainly because you don't want to give the tabloids an easy article. If you listen with the headphones on you can hear pint tumblers being placed on the table in wonderful stereo.
Nearly an hour in length, largely football-related and well worth a listen.

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