Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crippled Black Phoenix album pre-order

The forthcoming Crippled Black Phoenix albums are now available to pre-order from Cargo Records:

200 Tons Of Bad Luck - CD Album [INV076CD]
200 Tons Of Bad Luck - Heavy Vinyl LP [INV076LP]
The Ressurectionists & Night Raider - Boxed Set, 2 CDs, 48 page booklet [INV075CD]

It seems that the second of these is the project previously reported as "8 Song Vinyl Album". The tracklist for this is markedly different to that of the "200 Tons Of Bad Luck" CD and includes three tracks not on the other formats.

Tracklist differences between the CDs worth noting - despite previous reports that "The Ressurectionists & Night Raider" would include all the tracks from the "200 Tons Of Bad Luck" CD, the Cargo listings have one track, 'A Real Bronx Cheer', which appears on the "200 Tons Of Bad Luck" CD and not on "The Ressurectionists & Night Raider". This track is possibly included on the "200 Tons Of Bad Luck" LP under the title 'The Ballad of Richard Greyson / A Real Bronx Cheer' (I presume it's the same song?)

To recap then - and I stand to be corrected on this - for the completists amongst us, the only way to ensure hearing all the tracks on these various releases is to order the "200 Tons Of Bad Luck" LP [INV076LP] and "The Ressurectionists & Night Raider" Boxed Set [INV075CD].

To confuse things even further, Cargo are offering a package deal on the two CD releases but not on the Box Set/LP combination which enables the avid listener to hear all the tracks.

Thanks to Markus for the tip-off on the pre-order.

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